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After 22 years it is time for them to move on to the next chapter in their lives. . . very exciting, but certainly bitter/sweet.

It has been absolutely overwhelming, amazing and remarkable at the outpouring of well wishes since we announced we are selling The Cottage Place Restaurant. Everyone has expressed their disappointment and sadness, but in the same breath their well wishes for the new adventures and relaxation in retirement. We are very humbled and thankful.

If you currently receive our emails we will stay in touch periodically, especially if / when we start teaching cooking classes again. Our emails will come from and you can email us ANYTIME you like. If you would like to sign up for our emails you may do so at this link.

Cottage Place Flavors

Frank’s award winning cookbook, was published over five years ago and continues to sell . . . mostly to folks who dine in the restaurant but now that The Cottage Place has been sold you may still order the cookbook through this link or you may go to to read about the book, see excerpts and comments then order the book from there.

Selected recipec and photos from the Cottage Place Cookbook See what Franks clients have to say. Place you  cookbook order here. Home Page Back to Cottage Place Flavors Order your cookbook here Customer Comments Recipes and Photos
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